We have had the awesome privilege over the years to visit China 6 times, culminating in a 3 month stint from 2015 – 2016. We have learnt much and would say there’s still much to learn in these working relationships. We have formed working relationships with people like us, family based businesses wanting to make solid products in their community. One manufacturer we work with remembers as a child walking to school wishing that she could ride to school like other children. This put her on the path to now produce carbon bicycle wheels with her brother as a family business and also coming along side other manufacturers in her home area off Xiamen to help them do the same. 


We are inspired by this to do the same. If you are wanting similar products like ours made or others we would like to help. Wether it be organising them to be made for you or coaching you to get your own we would like to offer our assistance. 


If this is of interest please contact Brad at brad@elkmtb.com.au