Mtb carbon Wheels

Enduro Rim Set

Mtb carbon Wheels

We are excited to be releasing our own Mtb carbon wheels.

To start we are building up our Enduro + 29er Mtb Carbon Wheels with Sapim CX-Ray spokes and Sapim nickel coated brass nipples. Only the best.

Dtswiss (2021) 350 straight pull 28 spoke hole hubs. You can achieve higher tensions with straight pull which gives you more adjustment and strength. In our experience a much livelier feel.

We have been running this combo with (2021) 240’s for 8 months in regular Rocky conditions. More than 3000km riding and 60000m of climbing in predominately rough conditions and no inserts. We had 1 broken nipple on a direct rock hit at speed and no need for truing over that whole 8 months even after that hit. As this page goes live I still haven’t needed any truing or retentions.

Our Wheel Sets come with our elkMTB rim which suits trail, enduro and e-bikes, (Enduro and e-bike rated). Testing these rims has been a pleasure for all involved, 2020-2021 in particular we have really stepped up this process. Trail riders, Enduro riders and e-bike enduro riders have been impressed. Our Enduro + carbon rim with its 31mm internal width is an ideal position in the middle of the strength, to weight, to width range, working well with many tyre sizes.

Head to our Instargram @elkmtb to see our riding, testing and other products.come

Mtb Carbon Wheels